Mobile App Development

The current technology driven world is the right time to empower your business with an innovative mobile app. We can help you get a feature rich, high performance, cross-device and platform mobile application for your business. The applications that we design for our clients are meant tor each both online and offline market of their target audience. We also ensure to give faster response time combined with the highly satisfying user experience.


In recent years, mobile applications have simplified the life of people quite significantly. The rapidly evolving mobile landscape has made many web development companies drive into designing and development of mobile applications, which can run across all mobile platforms. With most of the business taking a turn towards smartphone consumer base through high-end mobile applications, we help them in reshaping their marketing strategy with an innovative mobile app. If you also want to change your mobile marketing strategy, then do get in touch with us and we will turn your idea into a beautiful reality. Whether you are looking for a native app, hybrid app, web app or more, we can develop a mobile app for any platform of your choice.


iPhone Application Development

According to the data shared by Apple Inc. Between the year 2008 to 2016, more than 100 billion apps have been downloaded from the app store. Isn’t this the reason good enough to have an iOS app developed for your business. With every new launch, Apple manages to add millions of new users to its customer base. Their strong customer base can be an excellent target for generating brand awareness and increasing reach through iPhone apps.

Android Application Development

Today, most of the smartphones that we use are based on an Android operating system. Thus, it becomes evident why you should be developing an Android mobile application for your business. As per the data, more than a million applications have been developed so far for the platform that has witnessed more than 25 million downloads altogether.

Windows Application Development

There was a time when Nokia was the only brand people wanted to buy and then came a time when it was completely wiped out from the smartphone market captured by Samsung and Apple. But then Microsoft took it over, and it turned the tables around for Nokia again. Now, windows phone are gaining a lot of popularity for being smart business phones with secure features. Their uniqueness has scaled the requirement for Windows based applications for mobiles.

Web Development

Web pages are designed and developed for both individuals as well as organizations. The advancement in technology has made web development a very prolific procedure. Anyone who is willing to get a website developed looks for the following things in a web development company:

  1. Good understanding of back-end and front-end development
  2. Should have understanding of best web development practices
  3. Understand the advertising part for every project
  4. Must be willing to invest time in exploring and developing
  5. Should not be resistant to change
  6. Should follow an exhaustive testing procedure
  7. Must have good source control

We are a web development company that specializes in website designing and development along with other web application, digital marketing and analytic services. We are driven by effectiveness, professionalism and high level of motivation that helps us in completing our web development projects with much ease.

We offer customizable web development solutions for any complexity level that you might be looking for. Whether you want an e-commerce solution. CMS, CRM, B2B portal, .NET, PHP, Web 2.0 and more we have everything covered in our wast kitty of professional activities.

The prices for our web development services are affordable and within the expectation of the client. We have received many accolades for offering cost effective web development solutions, which are highly reliable, scalable and secure for the client’s business as well as individual needs. Our team of highly experienced web developers can work on PHP, ASP .Net, and Open sources like Joomla, WordPress and Magento to provide the best in industry software solutions of our clients.

We offer the following technologies under our Web Development wing:
  1. PHP Development
  2. .NET Development
  3. Mobile Connectivity Provision
  4. Web 2.0 Projects and Ajax
  5. Action Script Development
  6. Quality Assurance and Testing
  7. Custom Solutions Development
  8. Ecommerce Website Development
  9. Shopping Cart Development
  10. Content Management System
  11. Web Portal Development
  12. Open Source Ecommerce Integration
  13. Dynamic Website Development


If you already have an up and running website, then you must know how tough maintaining a website can be. In such a scenario, having a dedicated design resource for the website can be a great value addition to the business. Having a dedicated web designer allows you have complete control over the web solutions. You can also give your unbiased focus on the website concepts that you want to bring to your visitors. Leading companies across the globe have been reaping the benefits of offshore staffing with great success. You can also follow their lead to hire dedicated web designers to enjoy the below-outlined benefits.

We are here to assist you in having a dedicated designer for your website who will ensure the following:

Beautiful and Functional Layout

The design of your website is much more than what meets the eyes of your visitor. It goes beyond being aesthetically beautiful and must ensure overall user-friendly functionality to drive more traffic. When a visitor comes to a website he looks for the following things:

  1. How logical is the architecture
  2. Is the website easy to navigate
  3. Am I able to find the actionable links quickly
  4. Is it compatible with my browser

These factors largely dictate the quality of your website design. Our team of professional designers considers all these aspects to create a fresh and unique design that meets all the functional requirements of the end user.

Responsive On All Devices

Internet users are no longer limited to browsing a website only on the desktop. Now, most of the traffic comes from other digital platforms like tablets, smartphones, notebooks and other mobile devices. Designing a different website for each platform will be cumbersome and expensive, so we develop one responsive website with a fluid design that is compatible with all screen resolutions. We help you save the extra cost of designing multiple websites for each platform.

User & SEO Friendly

The first question that comes to everyone’s mind while getting a website designed is for whom the website is being designed, the visitor or the search engine? The answer is ‘BOTH.’ We design search engine optimized websites that indexed, ranked and profiled keeping in mind the basic of SEO. We are known for designing user and SEO friendly websites.



With more and more businesses are moving towards having an online presence, the demand for e-commerce solutions has increased manifolds. Being a well-known name among the prominent e-commerce solutions providers, we have helped several online business enthusiasts establish their web and mobile e-commerce platforms. We even offer analysis and measure of business metrics to ensure that our customers are getting greater visibility and revenue from their business. We expertise in both B2B and B2C e-commerce portals for small, large and medium scale businesses.

The e-commerce solutions that we offer include the following:

Development Services

We leverage highly on our extensive web and mobile development experience to improve sales for our customers and help them have a strong and loyal customer case. The e-commerce development services that we offer include the following:

  1. The Web and mobile development for all platforms
  2. CMS customization as per customer requirement
  3. Systems Integration across all channels in the business
  4. Custom data reporting to analyze day to day traffic, sales, catalogs, carts, average order value and more
  5. Social and mobile applications to expand the reach across all possible channels and mediums

Digital Marketing Services

The success of any e-commerce venture largely depends on its marketing campaigns. We make sure that our customers are not lagging behind in any field and to ensure their success we offer latest digital marketing services to improve the website traffic and conversion rates. We analyze market trends thoroughly and imply the same for our clients to increase their success rate.

In our gamut of marketing services, following solutions are covered:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Web Analytics
  4. Social Media Management
  5. Marketplace management

Creative Services

As we believe in offering unparalleled customer experience we leave no stone unturned to meet the client requirements. We combine technology with creativity to give a boost to the client website and then use marketing strategies to ensure sure shot success for the clients.

The creative aspects that we cover under our e-commerce solutions include the following:

  1. Website design
  2. Digital Advertising
  3. Catalog Production

Technology Services

No business can run these days without the use of right technology. Same way, the performance of your website depends on how optimized your technological aspects are that have a major role to play in your website’s performance. With our technology services, we help clients to build a strong base for customer satisfaction.

Our robust portfolio of technology services boosts off the following:

  1. Payment processing
  2. Website performance
  3. PCI Compliance
  4. Data security

Digital Marketing

We believe in keeping up the pace with the evolving market trends for business growth, and we do the same for our esteemed clients as well. To help the customers have a strong foothold in the fiercely competitive market, we offer a full suite of Digital Marketing solutions that helps in increasing the visibility of the brand online and leads to improved conversion rate.

We take pride in our technical expertise backed by the highly professional and experienced team of digital marketing professionals that deliver services par excellence. We have marked our prominence in the following digital marketing solutions:

Search Engine Optimization

Our team plays so beautifully with the SEO game that no one can stop you from having page 1 ranking on all the major search engines. As the Google is getting smarter with every passing day, your website needs to match up to its pace. We give the much-needed stimulus to your SEO efforts and help you become the favorite for all search engine.

Social Media Marketing

Brands that manage to create buzz on the social media platforms are the one’s gaining a lot of momentum in the market. Whether you are looking forward to generating leads from Instagram and Pinterest or want to have more eyeballs from Facebook and Twitter, our team of social media experts can help you plan and implement the effective social media marketing strategies to drive more conversions for your business.

Email Marketing

An optimized Email marketing strategy is all you need to increase the response rate/open rate of your mass mailing efforts. We have proven our expertise in email marketing optimization the increases click rates and lower the spam percentage. We implement improved targeting and mailing strategies to bring leads to the website.

Pay Per Click Services

Every website needs clicks that can bring relevant traffic to the website. We introduce best business practices to guide you through your PPC marketing campaigns that will boost traffic and increase footfall on the website.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We help you evaluate the barriers the are hampering conversion on your website and distracting visitors leading to increased bounce rate. Our conversion rate optimization services are solely focused on optimizing the web pages for high conversion.

Web Analytics

After investing so much time and money in the business, every online seller or service provider asks for one thing ‘Is it working?’ ‘Are we getting a good number?’. Even if you are not asking these questions as of now, you must start doing to understand how your business is growing and where your money is being invested. This is where the role of Web Analytics comes in the picture.

We offer a comprehensive range of web analytics services that can help you get an answer to all the questions and queries that you might be having related toy our business. Our data and web analytics package is designed in a way to track traffic on the website, measure the success rate, analyze the failure or drop in numbers, identify new opportunity areas and look for new ways to reach your audience to the maximum. Everything that we do will be boiled down to the numbers that every business person looks for at the end.

What Can You Expect From Our Web Analytics Package?

Here is a list of things that are included in our web analytics package for all businesses:

  1. Regular reporting of data that measures ROI of every paid advertisement
  2. Daily report of website and marketing campaigns
  3. Integration with PPC campaigns, website traffic, social media channels
  4. Data analysis to assess the success of advertising and marketing campaigns(online/offline)
  5. Customized reporting schedules
How Web Analytics Works?

We use latest tools and technologies to measure the performance of the client website. We also install codes on the client web pages to start recording data for analysis. Once the website is launched, we start recording key performance indicators to have an insight of what all is working for your website and how you can make your marketing strategies more efficient.

The analysis metrics that we use are mostly based on user engagement, intent of the visitor, conversion rate and ROI. Though, the parameters may change depending on the goal and strategies of the business. The data points on each area of analysis may also vary depending on the performance of every individual channel. We then use the data to formulate winning SEO and SEM strategies for the business.

Big Data

The changing market trends and fierce competition has pushed businesses to look for innovative ways in which their data assets can be used. Today, companies are focusing on gathering more data assets not from their business only, but from things that outside their business boundary to improve their profitability, enhance business growth and drive the competition.


Data comes from everywhere, whether it be social media, across channels and platforms, devices, offline data, real-time data is now combined in the enterprise data asset to create a deluge of information. While collecting and data is one thing, putting into some real use is entirely different. The most business ends up looking for ways to turn the volume, variety, velocity and complexity of big data that they have collected into a profitable business asset.


This is where our role comes in. We help business in driving the big data strategy and put it to some profitable sue that would bring more leads, conversions, and profits for the businesses. We take pride in our experience, skills and advanced toolset that is required to turn the big data into a valuable and core strategic asset for any business enterprise.

We expertise in the following Big Data Services:
Big Data Strategy
  1. Big data maturity assessment
  2. Use case definition and business case development for big data adoption
  3. Big data adoption roadmap, definition, and planning
  4. Big data architecture and new-age information strategy
  5. Technology evaluations and recommendations
Big Data Implementation
  1. Data Lake builds outs – We help in creating vast eco-systems for data analysis using either cloud interface or the in-house premise. We create a strong foundation for enterprise-wide consumption of data assets.
  2. Hadoop offloads – We strongly leverage the power of Hadoop to reduce the use of expensive and time-consuming ETL process.
  3. Big data administration and support services – we offer administration and support services to derive the complete value of the big data investments.
Big Data Consumption
  1. Big data analytics as a service – We strive to bring the descriptive, prescriptive and predictable analysis to your big data foundation
  2. Machine learning and cognitive computing – We create next generation, self-learning eco-systems for data management
  3. Data monetization – We help in creating additional revenue channels with the effective monetization of your data assets
  4. Market Disruptors – We also handle market disruptors like Internet of Things to make use of data for future growth

Desktop Application

In addition to experience in web and mobile application development areas, we are
proud to offer full-cycle desktop software development as well. Many of our client
engagements last throughout this option, though we also support requests for
development of specific stages. Our focus is always the maximum value for the client.
We develop cross-platform (or platform specific) desktop apps that can help transform
your software idea into a quality market product.

Our projects usually start with a detailed business analysis of your needs and
establishing the functionality of the software, as well as the overall visual design. During
this pre-development phase, our team then works on the architecture design of the
product to optimize technological resources and costs.

The next step is UI & UX design, a process that incorporates the user needs, brand
identity, as well as overall look-and- feel of the product. Mockups are also created at
this stage for visualization and client feedback

Software Development is the most important stage and involves multiple architectural
sessions, writing code, reviews and unit testing. Our focus is on high-performance, user
convenience, security and smooth integration. While most of our projects are turnkey or
integrated, we also provide standalone services like testing, delivery or maintenance.
Quality Assurance plays an important role in the development and we have a strong
QA process, as well as an in-house facility to perform functional and performance
testing. We use the latest tools, methodologies, and techniques to meet your

We offer a full suite of maintenance services to facilitate the integration of the desktop
software into the workflow of your end user. Our standard support and maintenance
packages cover between 1 and 5 years, but we can customize the duration and SLA for
each product and client.