Our services

Mobile App Development

If you’re looking to build a mobile solution, you’re in the right place. We have the skills
and experience necessary to help you build an effective mobile strategy. Your mobile
application, with the right set of features and performance, and cross-platform versions
can be made available on the Google Play store and Apple App Store. We will create an
intuitive user interface and smooth visual elements to your exact specifications.

Web Development

Your website is ready for a fresh start. And we can help! With experience in web
development projects ranging from informational websites to deeply focused
landing pages, from job portals and online bidding marketplaces to full-fledged
e-commerce shopping carts – we have the resources you need.web development
company that specializes in website designing and development along


As a team dedicated to the success of our clients, we live, eat and breathe web design.
We are as passionate as you about building your brands online and designing creative,
functional and mobile-friendly websites that help drive quality traffic and increase your
conversion rates.The design of your website is much more than what meets the eyes of
your visitor. It goes beyond being aesthetically beautiful and must ensure overall


We utilize a highly streamlined development process, paired with exceptional design
and strategy to provide professional e-commerce solutions. We use leading e-
commerce platforms with powerful tools to build robust, easy-to- use e-commerce
websites. Take advantage of our winning combination of e-commerce, SEO, and social
media integration to give your business the advantage of a successful digital solution.
Development Services

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing solutions can be customized whether you’re a startup or large
businesses, and are carefully constructed to provide maximum value for money. With a
full spectrum of services like SEO, SMM, Email, PPC and CRO our experienced team of
digital marketing experts provides professional results every time.
Digital Marketing solutions that helps in increasing the visibility of
the brand online and leads to improved

Web Analytics

Digital marketing strategies can constantly
change based on feedback, and Web
Analytics are a key way to capture and
study information about the performance
in areas like user engagement, visitor intent,
ROI and most importantly, conversion rate.
Our services are designed to integrate with
campaigns and generate timely business
intelligence reports that help you make
the right decisions in your digital marketing efforts.

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What our clients say

“These guys listen and they do their homework. Their quality control is
meticulous, and they have always been accessible throughout the development process,
delivering on-time and within budget. The creative and technical team at Codewise has
blown us away with their work. Even their post-launch support was such a pleasant
experience. We’d highly recommend their services”

Fiona Anchal CEO & Founder

“Codewise Infotech was fantastic. Completed my job quicker then requested and was always available to quickly respond to any question or queries I had. I would highly recommend him.”

David Silvestri CEO & Founder