Web Analytics

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After investing so much time and money in the business, every online seller or service provider asks for one thing ‘Is it working?’ ‘Are we getting a good number?’. Even if you are not asking these questions as of now, you must start doing to understand how your business is growing and where your money is being invested. This is where the role of Web Analytics comes in the picture.

We offer a comprehensive range of web analytics services that can help you get an answer to all the questions and queries that you might be having related toy our business. Our data and web analytics package is designed in a way to track traffic on the website, measure the success rate, analyze the failure or drop in numbers, identify new opportunity areas and look for new ways to reach your audience to the maximum. Everything that we do will be boiled down to the numbers that every business person looks for at the end.

What Can You Expect From Our Web Analytics Package?

Here is a list of things that are included in our web analytics package for all businesses:

  1. Regular reporting of data that measures ROI of every paid advertisement
  2. Daily report of website and marketing campaigns
  3. Integration with PPC campaigns, website traffic, social media channels
  4. Data analysis to assess the success of advertising and marketing campaigns(online/offline)
  5. Customized reporting schedules
How Web Analytics Works?

We use latest tools and technologies to measure the performance of the client website. We also install codes on the client web pages to start recording data for analysis. Once the website is launched, we start recording key performance indicators to have an insight of what all is working for your website and how you can make your marketing strategies more efficient.

The analysis metrics that we use are mostly based on user engagement, intent of the visitor, conversion rate and ROI. Though, the parameters may change depending on the goal and strategies of the business. The data points on each area of analysis may also vary depending on the performance of every individual channel. We then use the data to formulate winning SEO and SEM strategies for the business.